Here is an early installment to my compilation LP set to release early spring 2011. Track called 'That Loud' feat. Chin Chilla Meek, Young P, Sin City and D-$tax.

This is a song that's been in the vault for a while but still hot shit! Made back in '05, here is 'HUSH' featuring King Charles (formally known as 2 Face), Lazzy and Myself. Enjoy.

Another leak from Novacane's compilation LP.

'CASINO' - YAE DOTTA feat. CHIN CHILLA MEEK. Produced by NOVACANE MUZIK. Song from 'Welcome to My Private Party' mixtape, hosted by DJ HOLIDAY.

'HATING NOW' feat NOVACANE. Produced by NOVACANE MUZIK. Song from 'CHANGE' mixtape, hosted by DON CANNON and DJ HEAD DEBIASE. This song was also featured on 'THE STIMULUS PACKAGE' mixtape hosted by DJ DRAMA and DJ MOON DAWG.
'Hating Now' song:
Entire 'Change' Mixtape:

'SHOOT DICE' - SHYE. Produced by NOVACANE MUZIK. Song from 'SHUT UP, ROLL UP and RIDE' mixtape, hosted by DJ ILL WILL and DJ RAMPAGE.
Entire Mixtape:

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